As teachers, it's important to keep looking for new tools to complement their teaching activities. Keeping up with the latest technology developments is inevitable nowadays, so you can bring them into your classroom and add sparks to your students.

Ibán, our ACE from Spain, is one of those teachers who felt that urge. A teacher in mathematics, technology, ICT, and physics, Ibán was already one step ahead in opening his eyes towards technology. That's how he found Assemblr two years ago while browsing on the Internet.

But that was not his first encounter with augmented reality (AR). Actually, his journey with AR has started ever since 10 years ago.

"I knew AR had a huge potential. It offers something that cannot be offered by other technologies. The interactivity is no joke – I can say it's a very powerful tool."

The moment Ibán had Assemblr on his phone, it was still on the 1.0 version – the very first version of our platform. Today, he has been a loyal user of ours, using Assemblr ecosystem as main tools for his teaching activities.

"Now, we also have Assemblr Studio as a great tool. Surely, it will never fail to surprise us with the new updates!" he added.

On joining Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE)

In 2020, when we launched the ACE program, Ibán also joined soon after. "I subscribe to your mailing list, and I also saw the information on Assemblr website. That's how I learned about the program and decided to register," he shared.

"I'm very happy to be given an opportunity as an ACE. It's a pleasure to widespread the use of AR for education, and I also get to meet fellow educators who can inspire me."

As an ACE, Ibán felt a huge privilege. He can use the platform more freely to create his lesson, with all the exclusive materials in hand and a large network of educators worldwide.

Throughout his journey with AR, Ibán has constantly been a source inspiration for fellow educators through courses and seminars about ICT tools. Whenever he presents, he always makes sure to include Assemblr during the discussion.

Ibán while presenting about Assemblr on one seminar

Combining augmented reality & drones

Besides being extremely passionate in AR, Ibán also tries to use drones for his mathematics lessons.

Photo: @CITECMAT (Twitter)

The use of drones itself has provided interactivity for the students, and by combining AR into the lessons, it adds up the sparks.

One of his first projects on Assemblr was for the El EscuaDRÓN Matemático (Math Squad). He created AR interactive cards to introduce the parts of a drone, and all his students thought that Assemblr was very easy to use and access.

"Assemblr provides a technology that covers everything a teacher needs in the classroom. It's very flexible to use, and it helps me to manage my lesson duration to be more effective and efficient."

Currently, Ibán is also creating a project called Game of Drones an AR board game which helps students to get to know the technical aspects of drones before starting to use them. By doing it this way, he transforms a usual, boring drone training into an exciting game for his students.

A preview of his Game of Drones

"It takes quite a lot of time to design the games. And by designing, I mean everything – the material, rules, and AR cards or boards," he shared his experience. Despite that, he's still having a lot of fun and enjoying the process.

Since it's still in the development phase, he has not yet shared the project. However, he's looking forward to finishing it as soon as possible (so does our team! 😍), and sharing it with his students.

His hopes for Assemblr

All in all, Ibán hopes that Assemblr continues to expand its potential in the educational field as teachers need this type of tool to help them conduct teaching activities.

"I also would like to thank the Assemblr team. Although we are separated by distance, they still put a lot effort in creating a community and take their tome to connect with me and other teachers!"

If you're looking forward to opening up new opportunities for your teaching activities, register yourself as our Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE)! Get ready to improve your skills and earn your perks. 😉

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!